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Submit a Confession

1.) Though you are allowed to namedrop, no extremely rude and/or targeting posts.

Okay - “I wish Jimmy should stop ABing everything.”

Not Okay - “Jimmy is so selfish and rude when he AB’s everything, what a bitch.”

2.) Due to some really nasty confessions, posts “exposing” personal secrets of Aywas members will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited, to — “real” gender, real names, Facebook links or photographs.

We here at Aywas Confessions reserve the right to reject/delete any confessions that are too harsh.

3.) We suggest for you to submit your confession anonymously if you don’t want people to be able to track it back to your account. To do so, simply log out of your tumblr account (or use another browser) and it should allow you to submit it anonymously.

Related, if you don’t go anonymous and then later wish for your confession to be removed, just send us an ask about it and it’ll be removed. We understand.

Additionally, keep in mind that Aywas Confessions is in no way affiliated, owned, or endorsed by Aywas.