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Just because there are people on this tag that like to watch basketball, doesn’t mean they comment about the games on the tag.

Just because there are people on this tag that like to drink tea, doesn’t mean everything tea related has to be put on the tag.

So what makes you think, that just because you think there are people on the tag who might watch the same shows as you, you have to make a post on the tag about watching it - every.single.time?

Can we maybe, just maybe, keep things on the Aywas tag, you know… Aywas related? Nothing wrong with the occasional post about something only very remotely related, but some people really overdo it.

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    I agree. It’s easy enough to scroll past, but sometimes there are those things I would rather not see. Many people...
  2. teilchen said: Emphasis on the last part for me “some people really overdo it.” and yus, some people really do. Why not use the forum for getting in touch with people that share interests in another thing apart from Aywas, than spam the Ay tag with unrelated stuff?
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    And THIS is why I hate AC. It wasn’t really that big of a fucking deal to post what was posted in the Ay tag. Oh, and...
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    ….. You know, I appreciate this. Really. I put a couple things not specifically Ay related into the ay tag...
  5. asoundtheycanrecognize said: Yeah, this isn’t new but it is annoying. watching porn #yolo #aytag
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    I kind of agree just because I’ve seen some things on the tag that I just….I’d rather really not see? Seems more like...
  7. dreamixed said: Let’s just start tagging things as “Aywas JP” for Junk Pile and call it a day.
  8. astrail said: I feel the exact same way :/. If you want to talk to people on the aywas community about these things- go to the forums onsite. I can understand people asking for art advice, or commissions pricing or w/e. But not tv shows
  9. songbird64118 said: Really? REALLY? Are you new to the tag, or something, because people do this stuff all the time.