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New Hybrids

I hate to complain, I really do. And I’m grateful we get new hybrids and all that, but honestly, both of the new hybrids just look really weird to me, and I can’t imagine myself breeding for either of them. 

It’s a shame really mostly. I love, love, love the concept behind the Kolibri, but then again, that’s probably the main reason I’m disappointed in how it was executed. I’m really glad we got a hummingbird pet, but overall, the Kolibri just looks… derpy to me. The eyes really creep me out, and I’m not fond of how it looks like its missing its legs either or the awkward turn angle of the head in relation to the lower body. Though I do really love the way the wings are drawn and I do really love the little leaves and twirly bits of vines, I just really wish the oddities in the art didn’t thoroughly dissuade me from wanting to breed an otherwise lovely design. 

I just wish that more effort would be put into perfecting pet designs before releasing them since these are supposed to be bases that spawn thousands or more colorations and customs.