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I know this is will generate like 24098121 breeding admin/mod/artists replies about how impatient I am and how I don’t understand XY&Z. And that’s fine. But I still feel this way.

I used to breed all the time. I used to not care about spending money on the site because I had so much fun on breeding and buying LBCs and seeing what kind of babies I’ll get. It’s really the only reason I bought GP with real money. And I used to spend /a lot/ of money. But I’m not poor and I didn’t mind spending it on a site I had so much fun playing.

Now I’m sitting here waiting for a MBC from the beginning of Feb. And LBC from late Feb. The reason why I don’t like to do predicts is because the staff does such a damn good job! I didn’t mind the extra wait for the surprise. But 6 months for MBC? I didn’t even get a reply on my application so they must have plenty of help. I’m just so fed up with how painfully slow breeding is now that I don’t even bother spending money on the site anymore and I don’t submit breedings unless I really, really like the pairing. Before I used to submit pairings just for the fun of it. Now it’s only if I’m prepared for the wait. I think I’ve submitted like 2 in the past 4 months. Let me know when the breeding is back down to 1-2 months and I’d happily spend all my cash here again. Until then, breeding just isn’t fun anymore.