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I used to be what I believed to be very good “friends” with #2221 (I don’t even know what to call “her” anymore).

Then the shit hit the fan when her lies got so thick one night no matter how many pairs of rose colored glasses I put on, it was still clear I was being used, abused, and lied to about what was going on.

It broke my pride, and my heart (because I felt she was a good friend, and I trusted her with some pretty deep emotional stuff) but I cut my ties cold and hard.

I still keep her secrets, something she has not been so kind to do for me (I’ve been handed logs, from people who knew both of us and, in my moments of weakness wanted to support me, and keep me from going back to her, so as much as it hurt me they showed me chat logs, of her telling some things told to JUST her, to others to “out me” to them).

I’m so pissed, I could rip open gaping wounds.

I won’t, I never will, I know what pain it caused me and I just refuse to be that person.

However, I will also never trust someone that deeply again.

Folks, no matter how much you think you “click” with someone behind a computer screen. Remember they are just that, you really don’t know who that are. Don’t tell them anything you’d not tell someone you can’t look in the eye.

I only confess this because of this new event, because while it’s a heart touching event, I don’t want someone to find a new “friend” in one of the outreach threads, that turns around and back stabs them, when they really need love.

Go find a good friend, but be careful, you deserve to love yourself, and protect yourself at the same time.