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Shout out to the people who put rare items in eggs!

Thank you for doing this and helping people get items they couldn’t get otherwise.

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In addition to this, to all those who fought bravely - and even you who took no side and sold your pieces instead (one cannot deny those that saw the opportunity to create profit) - an extra commemorative piece has been placed in the Advent.”

I wondered why Advent was capitalized. I just now realized it meant the link thinggy and not the advent itself. Damn. I missed it :c 

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Egg Field

Every event with the field always ends up being such a hassle for me hunting the best eggs/pumpkins, and worrying about giving good enough items and stuff like that. So this year I’m going to be super lazy, and just click the middle egg every time. I’m also going to throw in random little things (In the default eggs) like pet flutes, tiny glittering rocks, and maple syrup, except when I get good items, I’ll throw better items back.

Also I’ll sporadically throw PSDs in.

Just going to do a low stress, not caring about shit egg hunt this year.

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I am just utterly infatuated with a custom way out of my price range, to the point where I bookmarked the shop and the pet page. I’m probably going to spend my eventual gp-shop money on here even though one pet (I could probably draw something similar to, even) feels really stupid to spend so much gp on. I just love it so much, and I’m terrified she’ll be bought by someone else first or something. Gah, this pixel pet site hurts me emotionally with its pretties.

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I wish the metal design ticket would come back under any currency. I really enjoyed getting psds colored that way.

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Also on Slashbots

I totally agree with you, fellow anon. I knew I wouldn’t get to the top ten or such(esp since most those accounts bought a ton and have multiple users so are able to collect around the clock on a WEEK NIGHT).  But I still turned in my bots- almost 50 of them. That’s 50 bots I could have sold, and made a sizable amount of cash, and now I have nothing. Pissed does not begin to describe how I feel about this.

My only consolation is that I have four collected after winners were declared, that I can trash for 11 points each. Whoopie.

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To be honest I kinda expected we weren’t going to be getting prizes unless you were in the top whatever, but I was at least expecting to get trophies like we did in the Apocalypse Hound event

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Minion of…?

Ah… Not.. to question your judgement, O Magnificent One. I assure you I am a most devoted servant. I’m simply… curious, I suppose? Might you consider gracing this lowly one with the knowledge of how exactly you are a minion to yourself..?

(ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. ..Including the queen?)

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Slashbot pieces

I’m afraid to post this publicly because I really don’t want to seem like a whiner, but I really, really believe that the event with the Slashbot pieces should have more prizes for people who didn’t get in the top ten. 

To clarify my position: I sold pieces for almost the entire event and only ever turned in seven pieces. When I made the decision to sell my pieces, I assumed I was sacrificing the chance to get other cool rewards in hopes of getting BP/GP. 

I don’t want there to just be more stuff for me to get. I believe that when the site makes an event like this and gives special rewards to only the top participants, it sends the wrong message to the userbase: the message that events aren’t worth participating in unless you can become one of the top 10, top 5, or top whatever. 

I don’t want the site to give prizes that will break the economy. A point shop with small rewards would be nice. It’d also work if there were tiered prizes for people who turned in different amounts of Slashbots. Or if there was a small extra prize for being on the Minions’ side. Or something. 

I just think the site needs to acknowledge that even small bits of participation in events is rewarded, even if only a little. 

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There are so many people on aywas that feel the need to argue. Why must you argue your point on EVERYTHING? its really annoying. Stop. If you don’t agree, and its something serious, go ahead, voice your opinion. But when someone says something stupid like “Cheetah spots are ugly” you don’t have to go all gung ho with a fifty page rebuttal of how even though they think that cheetah spots are ugly many people think that they’re beautiful and there’s probably fifty cheeetahs crying right now because of your post and because they’re crying they’re not making babies and because they’re not making babies all the cheetahs are going to DIE. THANKS FOR THINKING CHEETAH SPOTS ARE UGLY. NOW THEY’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. ps youre a horrible human don’t ever talk to me again or show your face on aywas.

ahem. anyway. guys, seriously. lighten up.