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The Puggle is a penguin? I was convinced it was a platypus, and now I feel really stupid!

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i fight my way through every single day.

do we have autistic, schizophrenic, borderline, chronically ill, or others as options?

my mental illness is not a personality trait. neither are many other ‘options’ available.

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Today I found out that the “Teo-Hiatus” doesn’t include Teo Breedings. I had been telling people to wait until after the Hiatus to breed and kept wondering why people still bothered to make Teo Breeding threads. I feel like such a doofus.

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I don’t have a horse in this race but just for the hell of it I went through those dropbox receipts (partly also because I wanted to see what a bad PSD was like, I’m new at art and so I’m trying to learn how not to make rookie mistakes.)

What amazes me is that Syncline would claim that this was just “hurried” and not sabotaged, because…? If people believed them at their word, it would ruin their reputation as an artist!

This entire meltdown seems kind of bizarrely shortsighted. I can’t say why. I don’t know Syncline personally so I don’t know if they were chemically impaired, grieving a dead relative, experiencing an episode of illness, whatever. Shit happens to the best of us. Lots of people I respect and care about have problems and I’ve done some pretty ridic stuff under the influence of my own haywire brain chemicals. The human machine is not flawless.

But if they can’t admit to and apologize for what they actually did, no one is going to move on.

It’s like a truck driver claiming, “I didn’t crash deliberately, I got confused and I lost my cool.” Cool story bro but why would I ever want to hire them to drive a vehicle if they screw up their job that bad and can’t even take responsibility for it.

Maybe if they’d admit their sabotage, apologize for real and send in a repaired PSD, they could begin to get their credibility back.

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okay. there are tons of people coming out of the woodwork rn to respond to the latest confession (about sync’s friends only wanting art etc)

yeah, that’s seriously offtarget, rude, and presumptuous. it is insulting to have your friendship invalidated like that. 

but where were all you people when sync actually admitted to sabotaging psds? where were you when proof that sync’s psds (both the ones sent to ellie and the ones in the breeding drives) are just cut up pngs with doodles on them? why would you want to stand behind this behavior?

you don’t have to support everything your friends do. that is true. so say something and clear it up. “I am angry that you would demean my friendship with sync this way. Though I don’t condone her behavior, I prefer that you stop blaming me and the rest of her friends for it and want the  topic to blow over.” this would bring end the continual “SYNC DOESN’T EVEN FEEL BAD HER FRIENDS ARE ALL COVERING FOR HER” argument. 

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fuck all the sales threads that are now asking for PBs only for not just art but also colouring commissions and even site psds. PBs are usd only and if buying with GP, is basically double the amount ughh I’m not fucking churning USD$30 for your crummy sparklemelo psd use

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butt’s one of the nicest people i’ve met on site. if that hasn’t been your experience with him, that’s fine, but he’s never been anything other than kind, generous, and caring to me.

if you’re going to try and drum up drama on a teenager on a pet site, at least drop details with it. otherwise, it’s worthless. anyone can make shit up and submit it anonymously, and reports real incidents suffer for a lack of evidence.

if you honestly give two fucks about informing people, then pony up the deets so we can make informed decisions for ourselves about who we interact with. otherwise leave the guy alone.

i’d hate to be a popular artist on this site, honestly. it’s like being under the microscope of people with too much time on their hands.

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I wish I knew how to attract people to my sales.. I only sell good stuff, stuff I know is in demand, but nobody ever orders? I also try to be very polite and keep the amount of rules to a minimum. Does anybody have advice for me?? (I’m not selling art, by the way, just items and breeding slots)

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Oh my god, all the cuties posting their pets and stuff! ; u ; You are all perf~!

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The community tipping event is great! The idea is amazing! I appreciate that Slash always has interesting ideas for the site (truly).

There is a but…

Are the scav judge(s) still working on grading the thing?? I haven’t seen any grades for our tasks except for the last few, which were done literally weeks ago.

Please. :(