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Tips for good items in pumpkin patch

Note this assumes that only the items are being distributed so no messages (as I believe that messages in most cases barring anything against the rules and using the pumpkins to vent/complain improve the pumpkin.) This is also assuming that only the default 1000 bp is used

1. Do not put in. 

a. any low rarity item that is under 100BP in user shops  (Box fish, Beakplant)

2. Annoying but acceptable 

a. low rarity items over 100 bp in user shops

b. common fauna 

3. Good to put in though some whinier people will complain because it’s not a custom making item  or more reasonable people just got unlucky and got 8-10 aloe gels in a row. 

a. Anything that is used for the Annoying item Bazaar (ex. Aloe gel, the leaves you get from the “leaf game”.)

b. Anything over 1000 bp in user shops

c. Common easy to get pets (these can be at least used for overlays/potions)

d. Human Avatar (HA) items (can be useful to people who love to customize their avatar.)

4. Great items

a. Anything used in the metalsmithing shop (iron pieces)

b.  items over 10000 BP in user shops

c. less common pets (can help with completing collections)

c. Potions (for common-uncommon pets)

d. high rarity items even if they don’t really do anything or are cheap enough to be in a lower level (Can be traded for a lot of trash points.)

5. The awesome items

a. Custom making items

b. Potions for rare pets

c. breeding items

d. items over 100000 bp in user shops

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The forum says #6694 is perma-banned for botting as of September 25th (I track it because I like to keep up to date with what’s going on) but I just went to their profile and they have a “last logged in” date of October 15th? Dis are confusing. Maybe there’s a typo and some other user got banned?

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I want so badly to have a collab shop with someone. I love doing sketches and that sort of thing.  I’ve done several free sketches just for fun, and I’ve seen two of them finished, and I just loved it.  It was the best I’ve felt about myself in the longest time, even if it wasn’t much.  Honestly I wouldn’t even want a half share of the proceeds.  I know that there’s not much to sketching and any premades I coloured probably wouldn’t garner much interest just due to my style.  Sketches aren’t that difficult, and the person who finishes basing would be doing a lot more work than I ever would.  I’d just want a PSD use when it was done and the cost of 1 use as a payment.  But I’m too scared to ask anyone or put myself out there.  I’m scared that even though I’ve been practicing and trying my best people will laugh at me for wanting anything like that.  

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I feel like I’m invisible to everyone on site. I share the account with my lair partner (I move into the account with her), and ever since, I’m just pretty much invisible. She doesn’t really play very often, so I use the account the most. I do the dailies. I reply to messages, even ones to her. I sell her PSDs if we have customers. But it’s always ‘Thanks ___’ even when I sign it. Even to people who have bred our pets together sometimes the profile says ‘Thanks ____ for allowing me to breed these pets’ when the pets were mine and I was the one who gave permission. I just feel hopeless. Like I don’t get any thank you on site or from my lair partner. I’m the one who does almost everything except make PSDs since I have no tablet. But I sell her PSDs. I trade them for things I’d like or my friends would like. I just feel so lonely I guess. Because I’m the only one who does anything almost. I sort of want to move into an account with my other friend, but I’m not sure if I really want to leave this friend. All I really want. Is a thank you.

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I don’t care of you see this. I have to admit i am really greedy and rude then you make an account didn’t even put me as a reference! i told you about the site. Then i see you taking 10 pets from newbie give always, someone gave me a pet we both asked for since i asked for way less. Then i see complaining about the stuff in the pumpkin patch. Also i probably will NEVER make you a teo baby since i know you have the money to pay for the coin and add on. Sure you can borrow Saila but i won’t pay a part of the breeding.

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I’ve got this friend on Aywas. My best friend on Aywas. But I’m so sad to realise that she probably doesn’t think of me in a similar way despite what she says.

I see her getting thanked by everyone for doing nice things and giving gifts…

We talk nearly every day, she does come to me when she has problems. I give her gifts on her birthday (if I don’t forget), at random occasions when I run into something I know she’ll like. I sent her a care package with awesome stuff I went shopping for in town with just her birthday in mind.

In all the years we’ve known eachother I got an OCC once for christmas.

And even when I told myself I wouldn’t give her anything more until I see something back, I gave her something I could easily turn around for 150 GP. I regret that. But I knew she would love it.

I’m rich on Aywas. I don’t need charity. But damn it would be nice to receive a small thoughtful gift once in the years we’ve known eachother. And when I give you a BC that you show me the pair you went with. Or the babies you got back. Or a notice that you were gifting them away to another, apparently better friend. Or you know, giving them back instead would’ve been nicer. At least she didn’t sell them though.

I feel very much like I’m only good for giving expensive things and problem solving. And it kinda sucks.
But I’ll suck it up because I do value our friendship. It’s more than gifts of course. But after all this time it does kinda get to me since she does do this for others.

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They said a few months ago that the raw genus text concept contest from spring was going to be judged and then…nothing? I really hope they get to it soon. I have a genus description entered that I really like and might want to develop on my own if the site doesn’t accept it. 

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I fucking hate it when this artist keeps opening commissions and art slots when they still haven’t finished my commission from two, three years ago. Messaging them for updates were just ignored and bringing it up to staff was ignored too and I don’t know why. So what do I do with the GP that was reserved for payment? Can I just spend it now and… forget the commission ever happened? :/ Since I keep trying to ask for updates and never getting a reply back on it.

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I wish, even if Scav grading is slow, that they’d grade the customs-in-one-lair task then make a news announcement that ONLY that tasks if judged, and they can go back to owners.

I miss my babies, as well as it’s really cutting into my buying gp/usd coins because I don’t dare ask for too many customs back, just in case the admin looks at our team lair at the wrong time and sees the number too low.

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I think Slash and Frey are pretty cool.
But it really sucks that as soon as they take charge of a feature it eventually slows down to a snail’s pace. You know, the Teo GnT, breeding progress thread, adopt a custom, any contest ever….

They always do a great job at first, but just hand over charge of the feature to another admin if you’re getting sick of running it at a decent speed.