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Is there anyone who would be willing to part with one of those windbourne ryou teos?

I’ve been watching them forever…and the other ryou teos and I’m wondering.

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Now I know that not everyone on Aywas has bad grammar but a fair chunk of the population does. I know that not everyone can have perfect grammar all the time. *Cough cough me cough cough* At least you could maybe spell-check or possibly use correct capitalization, punctuation or something? I understand it if English isn’t your first language… learning a new language and making sure that your grammar is correct isn’t the easiest thing in the world and I don’t really mind that.

It’s just the people

who have been speaking English their whole lives

are Typeing Like Dis. *shudders*

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Members of Team the Doctor have tag-teamed me with half my site pet wishlist and a flawless custom the past two days and today I got a gorgeous crumbed yellow Soli idk whether is connected to them yet, but JEEZ!!

I dunno if this is a thing that Scav teams decide to pull on unaffiliated newbies or if they’re just incredibly kind friends but thank you Massago, Anaia Lionel and hasul & kat! This kills the Scorp. 

Sorry for spamming positive confessions… I’m not accustomed to unmotivated kindness…!!!!

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And now I’m reminded why I dislike offsite voting methods.

They leave the door open for cheating.

I’m fairly certain someone(idk if it’s the artist or not), is using proxies to vote up the #6 color from the HA contest.

I like keeping track of how voting is going even when I’m not involved in any of the art. So I’ve seen some rather, uh, suspicious? upvoting of #6.

Three different times, I’ve seen it jump by decent chunks of votes, which isn’t worrisome by itself. But. When there’s big chunks this late in voting, when most people should have already made their votes, and the other sets don’t change, or hardly change, it’s hard not to think of the less savory possibilities.

I’ve seen three jumps like that so far, from 299-306, from 306-312, and then from 312-320. All with the other sets being only minimally effected.

Kinda sad, especially if this is how they already passed #1 by.

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It’s been over 2 weeks since I submitted a custom crystal and it still hasn’t been accepted or rejected.

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Dat asshole id field

Anyone else think that the aywas database auto_increment primary key fields have a bit of a case of an over-inflated ego? I mean people pay a lot of money for low ones, and those with low ones after their name seem to be looked up to by others.

It’s messed up man…

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I would have never known about this if it wasn’t for that newspost…  But it doesn’t matter because I’m too dumb for it anyway, it seems!  Can anyone explain how to use Stylebot for Aywas??

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I have no idea what a DNC is

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realtalk, tho. why would you make your tumblr url aywasanonymous when you clearly say who you are and are therefore not anonymous?

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don’t even want a teo
just want my mutant fun
unassigned over a month
my patience’s come and gone
the staff are great and working hard
but time is stretching on