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I LOVE aywas. I see so much drama here on aywas confessions but personally everybody I’ve ever contacted on aywas has been very polite.

I play wajas and chickensmoothie to and I feel people are constantly trying to rip me off or scam me, getting angry when I catch on, or just being rude in general for no reason.

Thank you aywas for not causing me any trouble! Love you guys! ♥

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My job is neither full-time or even part-time and I still earn more than Aywas artists. And I was not complaining about how poorly Aywas treats its artists. I want to know if it is possible/okay by site rules to tip breeding artists when I love the outcome of their work, because I think they deserve more but completely understand where the small business thing is comeing from.

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Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for site artists and how little they are paid for their work. If the information in the breeding forum is updated and correct, then I earn more RL money in six hours than they do in ten days to complete their lists, and I’m working a bottom-end, lowly job. Can’t we tip site artists when we really love their work? I’m not talking about painted breedings though since I don’t use these coins.

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I love Kayla-la’s babies. She’s an awesome artist and I’d be so excited to get a breeding from her. But sometimes the shading style looks off for the texture it’s used on like fur. And it can darken the pet so it’s hard to make out details of what’s going on. She’s one of the best artists on the team and I hope she continues to experiment with technique.

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Could someone PLEASE explain all this hate on Justim?

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I just wanted to say thank you to the person who posted all the tip jar links!  I’m too lazy to go look at things myself, so that submission was awesome!  If that got posted regularly, like a “highlights of the tip jar” type of thing…  My pockets might get cleaned out every time!!!

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adopt a custom

is adopt a custom over? none have been chosen since august tenth. is there only one judge and they are busy, if so maybe get a backup judge system in place?

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I’m really tired of people complaining about the expanded pet genders in adventure. The site offered a fair fix by permanently stocking gender potions at a fair price, you could easily make enough BP to purchase mass lots of them in the Arctic or by playing Pick a Leaf every hour, or by talking to Xero every day. Would it take a little time? Yeah, it would. But you don’t deserve a handout just because you’re not interested in having different gendered pets in your lair. Work and save up like you’re supposed to, and if the game mechanics aren’t to your liking, there are other pet sites you can play on.

There are so many good site fix suggestions that get overlooked whenever this is brought up - actual bug fixes and things that could improve the quality of the game - and then there’s this annoying bullshit.

Do the genders of your hundreds - if not, thousands - of collectible pets (that you never do anything with, most likely) bother you guys so much that you want a special snowflake option that further nerfs the potions?

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Tip Jar Promotion!

I am not an artist! Unfortunately, I am flat broke and struggling myself, so I can’t afford to support the artists I see in the Tip Jar forum. Instead, what I’m going to do here is share some of the ones I really want to see finished, in hopes it’ll get some interest in them from others!

Bara’s Oske Set - if you’ve ever wanted more attention on Oskes, and you like dogs, these are super cute, and she’s more than half way to the tip goal aready!

A Million Tip Jars by Soul - There’s a bunch here, but I’d REALLY love to see that Hero roku get finished. Those zippers are totally sexy!  Rokus should get a lot more love than they do!

Linchan’s Fennec Fox Lepu - I’m not wild about the hair setson more realistic looking foxes, but I totally love the detailed heads! Just over halfway to goal!

Fendragon by Arki - so Fens are pretty ugly (imho), but this is totally fantastic - kind of like a harpy-dragon hybrid. It’s even already based, and it’s got FANTASTIC texturing. 

Cybergoth Alt Cheve by Zombie - Zombie’s shading has come a LONG way, and no one packs quite so much DETAIL into an edit set the way zombie does. If you like punk/goth/metal at all, consider funding Zombie!

Cute Corra Mix-and-Match by Druzy - Guys, why isn’t this funded already? Corras are HARD to edit, and this actually makes me want a corra for the first time I can remember. AND it’s cute, and it’s ALREADY BASED. Go forth and fund! 

Mix and Match Melo by Loverly - Yes, I know, it’s another Melo set. But guys, it’s LOVERLY. She’s done a bunch of jeweled pets in the past few months, I think, and her shading is AMAZING. And the sketches are totally cute. 

So I think that’s it X_X Go take a look at them, and give a little if you like the art and want to see it happen; or if you don’t have the funds, give them a good word or a signal boost or something so they feel appreciated :) 

(Of course this goes for all artists, but these are the ones I really want to see!)

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Forever rolling eyes- 

Why are so many people on this site so obsessed  with drama? Like, can you just stop sticking your nose into everything? I swear, some people just go hunting for it like rabid bloodhounds. Calm down, shut up, and mind your own damn business and we can all just be happy. Honestly. Also, stop trying to defend people so hard. They can defend themselves if they’d really like to. When you run out like, “oMG NO DONT sAY tHAt ABOUT thEM THeY’rE AWEsomE AND u SUCK,” you’re just making everything worse by adding more and more people into the big, messy, dramatic equation.